Styling agent

GRATS AP Lotion Plus

Styling Lotion after straight iron and curl iron
The heat effects will let LYSINE CARBOXYMETHYL CYSTEINATE, for the first time used in Japan, coat the hair inside and outside with Keratin. Used as blow lotion, the hair style and treatment effects will last longer.

●Volume 120ml Styling Lotion after heat treatment 

GRATS Straight Essence Cream

Formula with smoothing powder and treatment cream will settle dry & damaged hair end while removing roughness and waves of unruly hair. It will hold the hair to keep long lasting straight feeling.

●Volume 120ml Styling Cream for Straight permed hair

GRATS Curl Essence Gel

Apply with fingers where sterically wavy style is demanded.
Also, recommended for partial use. It is a styling gel that keeps clear shape with natural soft finish.

●Volume 120ml  Styling gel for curled hair  

GRATS Morgan Essence Cream

With smoothing power, flexible feeling will show up the layer lines clearly. “Casual” hair style by highlighting unshaped curl. Argan oil and Nano-structured hyaluronic acid will keep the moisture to give softness while styling.

●Volume 120g Styling cream for digital permed hair