Digital Sigma 1st agent

Cold two-bath method hair relaxing agent.
Applicable for a person who has strong unruly hair.
Easy to retouch.

●Volume 400ml pH9.0(Thioglycolic Acid)
Power: 100   Textures: 8

Digital Theta 1st agent

Hot two-bath method perm agent.
Base of this agent is Thioglycolic Acid.
Able to create firm ridged wave for healthy normal hair. Wave will persist for long time.

●Volume 400ml pH9.3(Thioglycolic Acid)
Power: 70   Textures: 8

Digital Acid 1st agent  (Acidic type)

Hot two-bath method perm agent.
For damaged hair creating firm ridged wave which last for long time while fixing cuticles.

●Volume 400ml pH6.8(Thioglycolic Acid)
Power: 40   Textures: 8

Digital Lotion 2nd agent

●Volume 960ml pH3.0 Hydrogen peroxide water