Straight Delta Hard 1st agent

Straight Delta Hard is a super strong straightening agent for virgin hair and tough & unruly hair with speedy & certain result.

●Volume 400g   pH9.3

(Sodium thioglycolate)
Power:120   Textures:6

Straight Delta 1st agent

Straight Delta is a simple & strong straightening agent that takes the advantage of the effect of the pretreatment.

●Volume 400g   pH9.1

(Sodium thioglycolate)
Power:100   Textures:6

Straight Mu 1st agent (Acid type)

Straight Mu is a cream type agent with Palm NMF (botanical moisturizing agent).
Makes moisturized, glossy, and smooth straight hair.

Straight Acid has higher treatment effect than Straight Mu.

●Volume 400g   pH6.5

(Sodium thioglycolate)
Power:40   Textures:6

Straight Cream 2nd agent

●Volume 960g   pH3.0