For Customers

For Customers in foreign countries

(1)About this Home page
Handling private information and site policy is based on the Japan's Law.

(2)About your inquiry
For Individuals/Salon customers;
Please check the formal dealer at your country upon inquiry, The formal dealer will answer your inquiries for product instruction and features.
For Dealer;
Please e-mail our headquarter for the new business with us through mailing form. Please be noted that it takes a few days for us to respond.

(3)About our products
Our homepage shows products sold in Japan. Please check the formal dealer near you for the products available. Some items are not available due to the local authorization.

The formal dealer are licensed for the sales of our products at each country. Please avoid any business with informal dealer. It may cause for troubles. We and our formal dealer are not responsible for any troubles caused by the business through informal dealer and such.

Please be aware of pirated products.
There has been reports of the pirated copy in name of Paimore. If you find the pirated copy, please kindly report to the formal dealer near you or send us an e-mail through the mail form.