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We have been generating new buzzes to the beauty market with continuous challenging spirits as our basic philosophy.
We will be moving forward with endless ideas and strong spirits.
                 President Yasue Nakamura

Digital permfrom Sakai to the world

Trademark registered as ”Shape memory digital perm”
Registration number: 4740678 and 5150727
Hair wave machine and process with the machine and hair curler
Digital machine patent number: 4224462

Thus only "Paimore made" can be called digital perm.

Shape memory digital perm is perm with heat for shape memory unlike standard perm that are with perming agents only.

Self developed products in higher quality and safety

Our professional use hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners are loved among the ones who care the safty and quality.
"Our products are dedicated for the customer's health. Not for our profits." (President Nakamura)