Moist Iron Sheet

"Adhesive sheets for Digital Straight Iron that allows straight iron applicable on wet hair."

<How to use>
(1)Just apply the sheets on metallic plates of Digital Straight Iron!
Sheets made of special grass fiber with fluorine coating will give moisture retention power.
The sheeted surface make the iron-through smoother without direct touch of the metallic plates will reduce the damage on the hair.

(2)Let you use your straight iron applicable onto towel dried hair!
Attach the moist iron sheets onto your Digital Straight Iron, and apply the straight iron onto well towel dried hair 3 times slowly.
The moist iron sheet on the metallic plate will prevent the hydrovolcanic explosion so application on towel dried hair is now possible without dried hair. 

(3)The plate temperature remain stable!
Moist iron sheets won't affect the plate temperature.