Curcell Cosme Lotion 90 (Super Extra)

Strong wave power for the person with tough hair.

【Applicable for healthy hair to the slightly damaged hair.】
【Damage level:1~2

●Volume 1st agent 400ml pH8.9

Curcell Cosme Cream 90 (Super Extra)

Applicable for tough & unruly hair to create soft & natural straight hair while minimizing damage.

【Applicable for healthy to the slightly damaged unruly hair.】
【Damage level:1~2

●Volume 1st agent 400g pH8.9

Curcell Cosme Lotion 70 (Extra)

Not only creating elastic wave, but also gives moisture to your hair with bouncy wave.

【Applicable for slightly damaged to the middle-damaged hair.】
【Damage level:2~3

●Volume 1st agent 400ml pH8.2

Curcell Cosme Cream 70 (Extra)

Settees down unruly hair and fluffy soft straight hair.

【Applicable for slightly damaged to the middle-damaged unruly hair.】
【Damage level:2~3

●Volume 1st agent 400g pH8.2

Curcell Cosme Lotion 40 (Mild)

It creates elastic wave while repairs and protects damaged hair.

【Applicable for middle damaged to the highly damaged hair.】
【Damage level:3~4

●Volume 1st agent 400ml pH7.9

Curcell Cosme Cream 40 (Mild)

Reduces the volume of hair that spreads easily. Moreover, it makes easy to set straight hair.

【It can be used from middle damaged to the high damaged unruly hair, as well as for already straightened hair repeatedly.】
【Damage level:3~4

●Volume 1st agent 400g pH 7.9

Curcell Cosme Lotion No.2 (L2)

After lotion (Lotion type)

●Volume 1000ml (Sodium Bromate)

Curcell Cosme Cream No.2 (C2)

After cream (Cream type)

●Volume 1000g (Sodium Bromate)